[CAT-BIRD] 🖼️ Sushi Delivery! New Wallpapers, Art Tutorials and Plush Toy Progress 🖼️





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Hey guys, hope you're well! Wow! My last newsletter went out to you guys back in June and a LOT has happened since then!

How to Draw Furries: A New Tutorial Series on Youtube!

Want to learn how to draw? image

Come learn how from a cartoon cat!

Zhivago will be your waiter this evening as we learn the basics of not just drawing furries, but anything else!

Subscribe on Youtube to be notified of new tutorials and livestreams!

New Wallpapers!

imageSince my last newsletter, I've posted TONS of new wallpapers to Patreon for all $5+ patrons!

If you're not a patron, that's ok!

I've started posting individual wallpapers in my store and there's still lots of wallpapers available that are free to the public on my Patreon.

Coloring Pages now Available on Etsy!

imageI've been slowly working on random pieces in order to produce a Sushi Tomodachi Coloring Book!

Since it's a slow, ongoing project, I've been making individual pages available as Instant Downloads over on my Etsy store.

Patreon and Twitch subscribers have access to all the available pages as well.

Sushi Tomodachi: Main Course Plush Toy News starting soon!

Oh boy guys, here he comes! I've been slowly making progress on my long awaited Sushi Tomodachi Plush Toys and I can't wait to show you all how far imagewe've come!

We've finalized prototypes for Dragon Roll and are currently working on Tiger Roll and Rainbow Roll plush toys. Tiny Ahi Red Pandas and Bobtail Yellowtails are on the menu as well, and I'll start trickling in updates once we have the main three finalized.

I have a dedicated update newsletter for the Sushi Tomodachi Main Course Plush project here. I'll send simple updates here as well, but I'll be walking you guys through the entire process at the dedicated newsletter so consider signing up for that one!

Thanks for reading!

~ Zhivago