Last Call Sale!

Our Last Call Sale is how we reward our hungriest visitors! When we're low in stock on any items at a convention, we save the last item for the per...

Help Wanted at the Sushi Bar!

We're looking for sushi fans across the nation to help us put on the most fabulous pop-up shop in YOUR town!


Holiday Order Deadlines!

Make sure you get your order in time - Here's the holiday order deadlines for 2022!

Sushi Tomodachi is coming back to Kickstarter 10/11!

  A Very Maki Christmas is coming to Kickstarter on Oct 11th! Hey friends! We are crossing into the last few...

How I Prepare Pins for Production: Kabuki Roll

How I Prepare Pins for Production - Making of the Kabuki Roll

🍣🎃 New Sushi Roll from Sushi Tomodachi! 🎃🍣

New Art incoming for the Spoopy Sushi season! Heya friend!Been a while so I wanted to share the good news t...

Sushi Tomodachi Stationary Giveaway!

Pledge on Kickstarter This giveaway has ended, congratulations to Pallet B.! I'll be giving away another Stationary Set at the end of the campaign,...

💌🍣 Sushi Tomodachi Valentine's Day Cards - Preorders Open! 💌🍣

What's new this week!

💌🍣 A Sushi Valentine? Don't mind if I do! 💌🍣

What's new this week!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Sneak Peek! Plus this week's updates

What's new this week! A sneak peek at Black Friday deals for next week, plus new art updates!