It's easy to forget sometimes, but many things aren't made by machines! Enamel pins are one of those things.

Enamel pins are made by hand, individually painted and individually polished. Due to this process, no two pins are alike and 'perfection' is very rare.

I will always do my best to send out the best pins available. If there is a major issue, please contact me at and I will do my best to help.

Standard Pins

These pins are the highest quality available, and are closest to perfection, but may still exhibit some very minor imperfections. Any flaw not immediately noticable from 18" away is considered acceptable, and these flaws can include but are not limited to: 

  • Superficial marks or scratches on metal or enamel surface.
  • Superficial specks, dots, or bubbles on enamel.
  • Slightly low or uneven fills.
  • Imperfections on the back or side of pin.
  • Slight darker flecks of glitter and/or small specks of stray glitter (on glitter pins).
  • Slightly misaligned screen-printing if screen-printing processes are used.
  • Small 'cut' areas where metal is not entirely removed from inside.
  • Very small contaminants only visible upon very close inspection.
  • Very, very small areas of missing fill (less than 1% of the design).
  • Slightly crooked but still firmly attached posts.
  • Other superficial imperfections that are only visible upon very close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle.

Please feel free to attempt to repair minor imperfections as you desire, however I cannot accept returns or exchanges for failed attempted repairs. 

Seconds Pins

Seconds pins have one or multiple defects exhibited below:
  • Noticeable smudges and/or staining on the metal or enamel surface.
  • Oxidization of the metal.
  • Larger contaminants immediately visible without close inspection.
  • Noticeable and/or deep scratches that span across the metal and/or enamel.
  • Very low fills in larger or visually important areas.
  • Very crooked but still firmly attached posts.

I do not offer Perfect/Collector's Grade pins, sorry!

Returns & Exchanges

I offer returns or exchanges on pins due to minor defects, however you must pay for all shipping & handling charges required to return and re-ship any pin.

I can exchange any pin purchased in-person only at the time of purchase. Exchanges after purchase are considered on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed.

I do not accept exchanges of online orders at exhibition events.