Dragon Roll


A Dragon Roll is a maki roll that contains tempura shrimp, salmon, cream cheese, ginger and avocado with senbei snacks on the side.

Dragon Roll

Ever wonder where the Sushi Tomodachi characters come from? Well, grab your pencils, because we're peeking into the sketchbook where it all began! 

How it Started

Spike as a Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll is a very special Sushi Tomodachi. He was the first one created and the one that started it all. Originally, he was a piece of My Little Pony fanart, featuring Spike as a Sushi with the title "Dragon Roll" along the bottom! Tina noticed that people really liked this piece, and many even commented that they didn't care much for ponies, but they enjoyed the joke. Tina wasn't sure what to make ot it, but eventually started to wonder what a Dragon Roll would look like if it wasn't a My Little Pony character. The Dragon Roll we know today was cooked up from there.

How it's Going

Today, Dragon Roll has taken on a personality of his own, being the adventurous

one of the group. Always looking to explore new places, Dragon Roll is the captain of the Sushi Boat FriendShip... For better or worse. It's hard to have a good idea when your brain is made of rice, but we keep at it anyway.

Dragon Roll Dishes

Dragon Roll Hard Enamel Pin
Dragon Roll Hard Enamel Pin
Dragon Roll 11x17 Poster