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Dates listed after items are when the last update was made
  1. #1006 - Hayley: Sketches Selected, Refining Next (4/15)
  2. #1009 - Omakase: PAID Slot secured (4/15)
  3. #1013 - Fylwind: PAID Slot secured (4/15)
  4. #1010 - SunPAID Slot secured (4/16)
  5. #1011 - ThorPAID Slot secured (4/16)
  6. #1012 - FirePAID Slot secured (4/16) 

Offers & Pricelist

Refer a friend and you both get 10% off your commission!

Sushify Me/My Pet

3 simple poses with your character or pet as Sushi!

Starts at $180+


Sushi Badges

Your character enjoying sushi! Pricing is all inclusive with a high quality print, sturdy 10ml lamination for protection and free shipping.

Starts at $250+
Addittional complex details such as wings +$75


Terms of Service

I consider myself pretty chill and easy to work with, and I try to be as communicative as I can.


Please keep in mind that Sushi Tomodachi is a SFW brand, so long as you don't leave the fish out too long before eating it.


For organizational purposes, please keep all communication regarding commissions through e-mail via OR consider joining the Discord server!


Store Punchcard Rewards: Please note that commissions do not count towards in-store rewards programs. Sorry!