Rainbow Roll


A Rainbow Roll features a rainbow of colors including tuna, salmon, yellowtail, hibachi and avocado with senbei snacks on the side. Daikon Radish strings give them their flowy tail and Nori makes up their mane. Their alicorn is made of carrot!

Ever wonder where the Sushi Tomodachi characters come from? Well, grab your pencils, because we're peeking into the sketchbook where it all began! 

How it Started

Rainbow Roll was the third Sushi Tomodachi created, made to compliment the Dragon Roll and Tiger Roll. A unicorn seemed like a natural fit for the Rainbow Roll. 

How it's Going

Rainbow Roll likes to join the others on adventures, looking to experience the rainbow of flavors the world has to offer!

Rainbow Roll Dishes

Rainbow Roll Hard Enamel Pin
Be a Rainbow 11x17 Poster