September 2023: Grand Opening & Craft Apron

🥢Kaiseki🥢: Grand Opening Pin


We launched the Tasting Room Sept 1st, 2023 and to celebrate the launch, we offered members an exclusive Grand Opening Pin. Only 100 were made. These pins were individually numbered, and each number corresponded with the order that each member joined the Tasting Room!


How to Get One:

This design is now "In the Fridge" and can only be acquired for special occasions. Watch for announcements regarding when the Fridge is opening!

This item is still in stock as of 4/18/24.

👨‍🍳 Omakase 👨‍🍳 Chef's Choice Item: Craft Apron


The Omakase Tier recieved the item above as well as a Sushi Tomodachi Craft Apron! Our Sushi Tomodachi Craft Apron is the perfect kitchen tool to help you keep clean. This adjustable craft apron was a unisex with adjustable neck and waist strap to fit any sushi-loving creative, while being lightweight enough to not weigh you down.


How to Get One:

Remaining stock was brought in limited quantities to conventions, and was available via the Secret Menu.

This item is no longer in stock as of 4/18/24.

🥟 Otoshi 🥟 Rewards


All members had the opportunity to download this wallpaper free during this month of membership. 


How to Get One:

This wallpaper is available for purchase in the online store.

Tasting Room Members can access a free download by visiting the Wallpapers tag here in the Tasting Room Blog. (Login required)