Tasting Room Birthday Gifts

Tasting Room Members have the opportunity to receive a free gift with their membership! Here's what the requirements are to claim the gift.

What's the Birthday Gift?

Tasting Room Members will receive a free additional pin for their birthday month! This pin design will vary each year.

Are there any minimum requirements to get the Birthday Gift?

  • Members must have an active membership on the Kaiseki or Omakase tiers to the Tasting Room during their birthday month to receive their birthday gift.
  • Members must add their birthday to their account.
  • Three consecutive months of membership including the birthday month is required in order to receive the free gift - OR - you must have a 3+ month prepaid plan active during your birthday month.
  • Memberships can be paused or cancelled at any time, but three consecutive months of membership are required every 12 month period to quality for the free gift.

How do I claim the Birthday Gift?

As long as your birthday is added to your account, no action is needed on your part. Your gift will be shipped with your regular shipment.