December 2023: Wintery Dishes with Spicy Wearables!

ūü•ĘKaisekiūü•Ę Tier: White Dragon Roll - or - Sika Spring Roll


We enjoyed some winter-adjacent themed dishes that we could argueable enjoy all year long. Member's get to pick between the White Dragon Roll or the Sika Spring Roll pins for this month. Each Hard Enamel Pin is approximately 2" in size.


How to Get One:


These items can be pulled from Mystery Boxes at random, and due to their popularity have been added to our Pin menu.

ūüĎ®‚Äćūüć≥ Omakase ūüĎ®‚Äćūüć≥ Tier:¬†Spicy Sriracha¬†Sauce Shirt



 This design could be a t-shirt or a sweater or a hoodie, it'll be up to you! Vote at the link above. Tasting Room Members will recieve a survey to make their size selections.

How to Get One:

- This item is coming soon. Items will be delivered to Tasting Room Members prior to being released to the Secret Menu.

ūü•ü Otoshi ūü•ü Rewards


The Otoshi Tier is a primarily digital reward tier. This wallpaper will be available starting on Dec 1st. Current and future members can access all previous wallpapers.


How to Get One:

Current Members can access past wallpaper releases by clicking the Wallpaper Tag on the Tasting Room Blog.