January 2024 - March 2024: Break!

Hey all, this blog post isn't exactly a release, but we're adding it to offer some clarity on this little gap what happened between Jan and Mar 2024.

Our initial plan was to release the Chihuahua Chirashi and Mackerel Tabby, but there were a number of factors that hindered our movement. I had decided that I needed to learn more in order to be able to provide more effectively for the Tasting Room, and took a temporary job to help raise funds for the productions.

Long story short... I was a door to door salesperson for a short while. Crazy, huh?

Overall, the experience was extremely educational and gave me a new level of insight into so many things that I was excited to apply to the Tasting Room and my management of it. 

For April 2024, we backlogged pins for all the missed months, and allowed April members to make their choices between all of the options available.