October 2023: Yokai Dishes & Sushi Jaws

🥢Kaiseki🥢 Tier: Kappamaki - or - Nori Nekomata


We celebrated the spooky season with two Yokai inspired dishes! Kappamaki, a cucumber roll, and Nori Nekomata wrapped up like a seaweed mummy cat!


How to Get One:

These items can be pulled from Mystery Boxes at random, and are currently available on the Secret Menu while supplies last.

👨‍🍳 Omakase 👨‍🍳 Tier: Sushi Jaws T-Shirt


The Omakase Tier recieved their choice of one of the items above as well as our Sushi Jaws parody shirt! Our normal sizing available is S through 2XL, but for this month we made several special consessions for specialty sizing for this month's Members.


How to Get One:

Remaining stock is currently available on the Secret Menu while supplies last.

🥟 Otoshi 🥟 Rewards


The Otoshi Tier is a primarily digital reward tier. This month included access to a free wallpaper, which was made available via the Secret Menu. Since then, we've switched over to using the Tasting Room Blog as a resource so that current and future members can access all previous wallpapers.


How to Get One:

Current Members can access past wallpaper releases by clicking the Wallpaper Tag on the Tasting Room Blog.