How to be a Secret Shopper

We're always looking for ways to improve the Sushi Tomodachi experience, and we offer our Tasting Room members the opportunity to make a big impact and enjoy an extra bite while you're at it with $50 to spend however you choose!

Selected Tasting Room members will be asked to visit one of our booths and take a closer look at everything from the service to the atmosphere. Go ahead, soak it all in, chat with our team, and maybe even treat yourself to something delicious.

We value your opinion and can't wait to hear your thoughts! Together, we can make the Sushi Tomodachi experience even better for everyone.

Secret Shopper Checks

  • Who helped you?
  • Was anyone on their phone before you approached or during your visit?
  • Were you greeted with a smile when you arrived?
  • Did the greeting help you feel in the spirit of the sushi bar?
  • Was anyone eating at the table?
  • Did the staff attempt to engage you in a conversation?
  • Did the staff feel friendly and accommodating?
  • Did the staff make any suggestions for items you may like? 
  • Was the checkout process smooth and painless?
  • Did the cashier ask if you had been to the sushi bar before or ask if you'd like to recieve "new recipes" or invite you to join the newsletter?

You'll be asked to rate the booth in the following categories, from 1 to 5:

Cleanliness: 1 - Messy / 5 - Immaculate
Friendliness: 1 - Rude / 5 - Warm and inviting
: 1 - Unable to help / 5 - Knowledgable
Ease of browsing
: 1 - Disorganized, difficult to browse / 5 - Easy to browse
Selection: 1 - Not enough selections / 5 - A Good Selection of products


How can I be selected as a secret shopper?

Secret Shoppers are selected to visit the booth in person during conventions, selected at random from our active Tasting Room Subscribers in attendance at the convention.

You can increase your chances of being selected by letting us know you'll be at a con ahead of time. You can do this by RSVP'ing when you recieve our pre-convention e-mail, or RSVP to an event listed in the Discord community.

How do I get my rewards?

In order to make your secret shopping more secret, this will be discussed with you during the event.