3/25 : "Update Payment" emails, How Catching Up will work

Hey everyone, Tina here! I wanted to give everyone an update regarding what's been going on behind the scenes here in the Tasting Room.

"Please Update your Payment Method" Emails

Some of you may have noticed that our system has asked for you to update your payment details multiple times, and we're really sorry about the confusion. 

When we paused Tasting Room subscriptions so we could catch up, we didn't realized that the system would assume that this meant something was wrong with you instead of us! We have reached out to the app developer to help address and prevent this in the future, and we really appreciate everyone who let us know that it needed attention so we could fix it.

Tasting Room Return

We are on track to bring the Tasting Room back to you guys starting Apr 1st! There will be a bit of cleanup behind the scenes when it comes to delivering pins, etc, but we'll help everyone as quick as we can.

Skipped Months Pins & Rewards

We have 10 pins currently in production which we expect to show molds for very soon. These pins will be made available to prepaid members to catch up on Jan through March.

While I wanted to have April in hand (Being behind is what we were trying to get away from, we have still been working on our art queue and I prefered to push through the ones we had sooner instead of trying to wait even longer. Details for that will be available shortly.

There's so much more to talk about...

I feel like there's a lot more to say for what's going on behind the scenes, but I think that's part of my struggle - I tend to think I need to shoehorn everything into every update, and I think it makes me become paralyzed by perfection. I'm more thinking out loud with that thought, but with that in mind, I want to focus more on providing smaller, bite sized updates  more often instead of stressing about delivering the "perfect" update. 

Questions? Comment below!