Enter in the below commands into the chat box on Twitch, see what happens!

These commands only work on Twitch currently.

Twitch Bits
Bit Alerts

cheer100 | Change '100' to edit your cheer amount. Minimum 100 for Text-to-speech.

1-24 bits: Tuna Roll
25-99 bits: Happy Salmon Nigiri
100-998 bits: Zhivago Rolling Sushi
1000+ bits: Sushi Boat Delivery!

555 bits: Hey Waiter!
999 bits: Shut Up And Take My Money

Mewdiepie Headset

Cheer100 or more to pick a hat for me!
Use a keyword in your cheer to add a hat.

Squee Star Hat: 'star' 'squee' 'star hat' 'zhitvSquee'
OwO Face: 'OwO' 'uwu'
Cone of Shame: 'cone' 'shame' 'punishment'
Gamer Headset: 'headset' 'mewdiepie' 'headphones'
Shark Hat: 'shark'
Party Hat: 'party' 'birthday' 'celebrate'
Christmas Antlers: 'deer' 'christmas' 'chrimbus' 'xmas'

!menu | See the Itty Bittie Menu on stream

Other Ways to Support the Stream

!print | Buy a print of what you see on screen RIGHT NOW

!shop | Shop Sushi!

!treat | Buy me a snacc to keep me streaming longer (I love coffee)

!tip | Tip your server



!artjam | Let us know you're making progress on your own project with us today!

!behave | establish dominance

!boop | required command for furry streams

!boopzhi | if you dare

!hug {user} | hug somebody!

!hugeveryone | hug everybody!

!santize | stay safe!

!save | have you saved your work recently?

Stream Minigames

!emojigame | Emote Guessing Game!

!emojigamerules | How to Play Emoji Game

!foodfight | Use emotes to fire at the target

!like | Californian 'like' counter

!unlike | Californian 'like' counter corrector

Stream Info
Stream Information

!discord | get a link to the discord community

!telegram | get a link to the telegram community

!newsletter | get a link to the email newsletter

!rules | What software I'm using

!specs | What software I'm using

!treat | send kitty a treat!

yours truely
Streamer Information

!shop | get a link to my shop

!facebook | get a link to my facebook

!instagram | get a link to my instagram

!telegram | get a link to my telegram

!twitter | get a link to my twitter

!tiktok | get a link to my tiktok

!youtube | get a link to my youtube

!events | in-person events

!commission | commission status

!fursona | in case you're wondering