Tiger Roll


A Tiger Roll is a maki roll that contains salmon, shrimp, salmon on white rice with senbei snacks on the side.



Ever wonder where the Sushi Tomodachi characters come from? Well, grab your pencils, because we're peeking into the sketchbook where it all began! 

Tiger Roll

How it Started

Tiger Roll was the natural second Sushi Tomodachi. Tina struggled with this design more than expected, trying too hard to force visual details in that felt important at the time, but really weren't. The original Tiger Roll design had a fried green bean tail but Tina just couldn't make it look like a green bean. It just looked... lumpy. and Weird. Letting go of that detail was important, and thank goodness, because Tiger Roll is one of the most popular Sushi Tomodachi around! 


Baby Tiger Roll Roaring

How it's Going

Today, Tiger Roll is the not-so-tough Tomodachi. He tries to be big and scary, but the rice he's made of has a tendency to be warm and soft! Just don't leave a Tiger Roll out long enough for the rice to get stale, however, then you'll start to feel just how tough rice can get if it dries out. 


Tiger Roll is really just a big kitty who wants pets and pats, but he can act the part when a tough presence is needed... Most of the time. 


Tiger Roll Dishes

Tiger Roll Hard Enamel Pin

Dragon Roll 11x17 Poster