5/6/24 Sushi News

🎨Z's Art Workload:

🎏 Stream Plans

Due to con prep taking a lot of time, a stream during the week is unlikely, but I'm going to try to stream Live from the Sushi Bar at FWA! Make sure you get a notification when we go live by following at https://www.twitch.tv/sushitomodachi

🎪 The Sushi Bar is coming to FWA!

Make sure you RSVP to get the password for your free treat! Also... the Sushi Bar will be mobile at FWA, so RSVPing will help me make sure you know where to find it! You can RSVP here: https://sushitomodachi.co/blogs/news/how-to-find-us-at-fwa

✨ Surprise Shop Drop on Friday!

We've got a delicious menu planned for you guys this Friday! Watch announcements for teasers! 

🥢Tasting Room Pin Club 🥢
Tasting Room Member still have exclusive access to the April pins until May's pins arrive! Members will get their May Newsletters when the May pins start shipping.