The Double Your Money Back Guarantee does not apply to all items, and applies only to items that specify this offer on their product listings.

Items must be returned, clean and undamaged, in order to receive your refund. Unwashed, unclean or damages items may void this guarantee, and only the original purchase price, minus any covered shipping costs, can be refunded.

Limit of one Double Your Money Back item can be returned per order. Additional items from the same order may also be returned, but will only be refunded for their original purchase price.

We are not liable for return shipping costs.

To return your item for your Double Your Money Back Guarantee:

1) Contact us at to inform us that you would like to make a return.

2) Ship the item, clean and undamaged, with all original labeling and packaging, within 30 days to our fulfillment warehouse at the following address:

Cat-Bird, Inc c/o Fandomoid Returns
11430 Sunrise Gold Cir #10
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Items shipped to the wrong location cannot be processed for return, and cannot be refunded.