Showcase your work in the restaurant!

Join us on the last Wednesday of each month where we share community artwork posted to the Discord!

When? Where?

The Art Wall Tour happens on the Last Wednesday Of the Month, starting at 11AM PST on Twitch!

How to Join?

1. Join the Discord Community!

2. Visit the "#art-wall-subs" channel

3. Submit your artwork. Include the info below in your caption:

Submission Info:

- The Title of your Artwork

- Your name

- Artwork Medium:Traditional or Digital art? What tools did you use?

- How did you come up with this piece?:

- What idea do you want the viewer to think of when they look at your art?:

- Additional Artist Comments:

- Do you want constructive criticism on this piece? If yes, the chat and I will discuss your piece.


Can I send my at via e-mail/telegram/another way?

I can only showcase images posted to this Discord channel. Sorry!


Only one submission per artist will be accepted per month.

We are limited on time and want to make room to include everyone. You may submit more than one piece per month, but only one can be accepted for the artwall. Submit your favorite!

All artwork must be SFW only. Violence, sexual themes and substance use are not accepted topics for this event.

Posts of this nature are not accepted anywhere in our Discord and will be removed. Multiple offenses will result in a removal from our community.