✨VIP Perks✨

  • Secret Menu Access in the Shop: Access to buy exclusive pins and get freebies from our Secret Menu on SushiTomodachi.co
  • VIP Status & Access on Discord: Wear your title with pride in the Sushi Bar on Discord! This role grants you access to vip only channels including vip chat with Zhivago and staff and meetups with other Sushi Tomodachi VIPs!
  • First to know!: Some dishes are very limited in stock so when items are released, we offer them to our VIPs first!

If you are already logged in and still see an error, then you need to follow a few steps before you can get access to the Secret Menu!

Step 1: First, register for an account. You can register using the link there or by creating your account during checkout for any purchase.

Step 2: Select one of the options below and follow the instructions.

Option 1: Back any Kickstarter Campaign.

You'll gain access as part of your pledge rewards with any Kickstarter Campaign!
As a bonus, your Sushi Tomodachi account will help ensure you are able to claim rewards for returning backers!

HOW TO CLAIM: Make sure you are logged in, then enter your backer details by visiting the link below.


Option 2: Visit the Sushi Bar in person.

Visit the Event Calendar to find out where the Sushi Bar will happen near you!
Make any purchase in order to have VIP activated. We'll also be able to assign you a punchcard, which you can use to earn punches!


Option 3: Sign up for the Newsletter.

You can sign up for the newsletter, if you haven't already.
Go to your Account Settings and click "YES, I want to see new recipes!"


 (If following the above instructions didn't work, please contact us)

 Otherwise, you can still browse and shop the rest of the store here.