Member Perks for FurCon 2024!

Will we be seeing you at FurCon in San Jose this weekend?

Joining us this weekend? Here's what we have planned for FurCon 2024!

  • We're giving away up to THREE $50 shopping sprees to Tasting Room Members this weekend! To qualify, you'll need to be in attendance at the con and want to help out with a very special sushi mission: Secret Shopping! You can find out more about Secret Shopping for us at this post here.
  • Friday Sushi Swap Meet: Come by the booth Friday at 3PM to meet other members for a Sushi Swap Pin Trading Meet!
  • Member & Staff Sushi Dinner: We're wrapping up the con with dinner Sunday evening and we'd love for you to join us.¬†More details are in the Member's Only Post here¬†
  • (Please note: Everyone will be responsible for their own tab, so please plan accordingly.)
How to find the sushi bar!

The Sushi Bar is coming to Further Confusion in San Jose, Jan 12th-14th 2024! Visit the Sushi Bar at booth 106 in the Dealers Den East room - We have a VERY special surprise to celebrate the convention where we started it all!

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